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New York Employment Violations Alleged Against Fashion Designer

It’s never fashionable to exploit your workers.That’s what one designer may soon learn in the course of a $50 million lawsuit alleging retaliation for New York City workers’ compensation claims, as well as outright abuses and working conditions that have been compared to a sweatshop.

Our New York City workers’ compensation attorneys have been following the heavy media coverage surrounding the case of fashion designer Alexander Wang. Some 30 current and former employees are suing Wang, alleging appalling work conditions, in which they were made to work 16-hour days in stifling, claustrophobic areas. What’s more, some workers have said that when they suffered injuries, as a result of these conditions, they filed workers’ compensation claims, and were subsequently fired.

These workers are suing for $50 million.

Wang, who reportedly earned $25 million last year, vehemently denies the allegations.

The Alexander Wang Sued for Running Alleged Sweatshop, By Colleen Nika, Rolling Stone