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Brooklyn Man Thrown Off Flight For Cursing Considers Civil Rights Lawsuit

A Brooklyn man who allegedly dropped an F-bomb on a flight to Newark recently has considered suing the airline, The Detroit Free Press reports.

In this era of heightened security and threats of terrorism, airlines and the Transportation Security Administration have taken it upon themselves to discriminate in the way they treat passengers. While most Americans would give anything to make sure our borders are safe from terrorism, there are times when passengers face discrimination in New York airports. Civil Rights Lawyers are committed to fighting for the rights of consumers throughout New York City, Long Island and the tri-state area.According to news reports, the 37-year-old Brooklyn man was on a layover in Detroit flying to Newark from his cousin’s wedding in Kansas City when he complained to a fellow passenger about a 45-minute delay.

“I said, ‘What is taking so long? I said, ‘What the ‘F’ is going on,'” the man told the newspaper. The man said he wasn’t directing the comment at a flight attendant, but the plane, which was taxiing on the runway, turned around and Detroit Metro Airport Police boarded and escorted the man off the flight.

The man claimed he was hungover and not drunk and denied that his comment was directed at anyone or said loud enough for others to hear. The airline put him on a later flight.

The United States has long established itself as a country that protects people’s individual rights. But discrimination is still an issue that creeps up in every area of society. Whether it be in the workplace, in government or in the public — from airplanes to hotels — people in power can be unlawful in their choice of who does and doesn’t get favor in a particular situation.

As New York, and our nation as a whole, becomes more diversified, there is more opportunity for discrimination and violations of civil rights. Respect for our differences, based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or a host of other reasons, often lags where it should prosper.

While many have blurred the lines between Freedom of Speech and threats to security, our law firm is dedicated to sorting out the grey areas and seeking justice for those who have been wronged. Our country’s principles rest on individual rights and the ability to live a life safe from fear of oppression and unjust bias and discrimination.

The man said he lost a cousin during the Sept. 11 attacks and is sensitive to threats on airplanes. He said he was embarrassed by the airline’s actions. But in this case, he may have to prove the airline violated his rights by calling in police to investigate what he said. Some people believe airlines go too far in kicking off passengers from planes, though they do run private companies, so cases can be difficult.

If you believe you are the victim of some kind of discrimination by airlines and it’s possible your rights have been violated, contact New York City Civil Rights Lawyers today. Our team of experienced and aggressive lawyers can help protect your rights and ensure justice is done. Many consumers feel threatened when considering taking on large corporations, but we don’t. We will fight for what’s right and stand by your side.

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