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Citigroup Mum For Three Weeks To Customers Whose Accounts Were Hacked

Citigroup customers, whose accounts were hacked last month, weren’t told for three weeks that the breach had occurred, CNN reports.

New York City Identity theft has become an increasingly popular crime in our society as the Internet has become so available and also because companies have used it to store so much critical data. Consumer Lawyers have seen how frustrating and devastating identity theft can be for victims. If you need help putting the pieces back together after you’ve been victimized, contact our identity theft lawyers today.The Wall Street Journal reported that Citigroup didn’t immediately notify customers because it was first conducting an internal investigation. On June 9, the company announced it discovered a security breach where a hacker accessed more than 200,000 accounts. That’s about 1 percent of the 21 million credit card accounts in North America, CNN reports.

Citigroup is among several large companies that have experienced online breaches in the last few months. Lockheed Martin was the victim of cyber attacks, as was Sony in April and May, which affected several of its gaming systems and compromised more than 100 million user accounts, including credit card information, Bloomberg reported. Sony has come under fire lately because hacker groups have relentlessly attacked the company’s servers to its PlayStation Network as well as some of its other sites. With millions of people’s account information, customers have become increasingly upset that their information was compromised and that it has taken weeks for Sony to restore and secure its servers.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there were 250,852 identity theft complaints in 2010, comprising 19 percent of the 1.3 million consumer complaints each year. To put that into perspective, there were 86,250 complaints of identity theft in 2001. That’s a 190 percent increase in 9 years.

There’s no doubt that the increased popularity in the Internet is a factor in the increase. But a person’s identity can be stolen in other ways, too.

  • Rifling through a person’s trash to steal mail that could contain personal information
  • Using electronic means to steal a credit or debit card number during a legitimate purchase
  • Using spam email to act as your bank and attempt to get your information, called phishing
  • Fraudulently changing your address to divert mail
  • Gaining access to your records illegally
  • Stealing purses or wallets to obtain personal information

It’s easier than ever for this type of fraud to occur, so if you are the victim of identity theft, call today. Our lawyers can help you safeguard your assets and stop any potential long-term ill effects to your credit and peace of mind. Take action to protect your hard-earned reputation and identity. Everyone is at risk for this life-altering crime, so make sure you are in the best hands if you are betrayed.

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