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Hackers May Access Your Personal Information and Increase Your Risk of Identity Theft in New York

The possibility of identity theft has become more and more common with the explosive growth of social networking sites. Money Talks News and other news providers are handing out endless amounts of advice to social networking users on how to effectively protect your identity online. It is important to protect your personal information from hackers looking to steal identities in New York and elsewhere around the world.

Our New York identity theft attorneys urge you to protect your personal information, as you would any other valuable possession. It may be easier than you think for hackers to get their hands on your personal information, which can create a nightmare of unauthorized purchases, credit card transactions and other financial crimes.Internet users often use networking sites as a chance to network with large groups of people, most strangers, instead of keeping within their circle of friends. By doing so, you are opening the virtual doors to your personal information.

ID Analytics recently conducted a study among internet users. The results show that we’re leaving ourselves entirely too vulnerable and unarmed in the hands of hackers:

-Many social networking users will accept invites from nearly anyone; men are more than twice as likely to hit that accept button.

-It’s estimated that nearly 13 million users, 18-years-old and older, will accept any connection request from a member of the opposite sex, even if they do not know the person requesting connection.

-It is estimated that 5 percent of adults in the United States will accept a request from anyone, again, regardless if they know them or not.

When using these popular networking sites, it is important to follow a few basic rules to help prevent identity theft:

-When you’re spring cleaning your house, try spring cleaning your computer. You’d be surprised by how much personal information is readily available to a hacker.

-Remember, there is no prize for having the most friends on Facebook or MySpace. You’re not going to win some sort of cyber popularity contest. Confirming a friend request from a complete stranger is similar to picking up a hitch-hiker; each come with their own risks.

-Double check your privacy settings. Step-by-step guidelines, posted by nearly every news source, are available to help you keep you information secure.

Online thieves can wreak havoc on your financial reputation by hacking into credit card accounts, bank accounts, and can have virtually any document altered to their benefit. Those who have been victimized by identity theft should consult an attorney right away. Reclaiming your life can be a long and complex process. Failure to assert your rights can leave you liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

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