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Atlantic City Cocktail Waitresses Sue Resorts Casino Alleging Age Discrimination

Nine middle-aged cocktail servers at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City recently filed a discrimination lawsuit, alleging they were fired to make way for younger, sexier women who would look good in skimpy costumes, reports.

Discrimination Law Attorneys offer decades of experience handling New York labor law issues. Discrimination in the workplace is nothing new and unfortunately it happens every day. Sometimes it’s obvious, as in a person being denied a promotion for no good reason, and sometimes decisions are made behind closed doors and require whistleblowers to come forward. But hiring the right law firm can help employees get justice from a frustrating situation.The lawsuit filed by the nine women comes on the heels of a suit filed in March by 46 former cocktail servers, who alleged they were also fired because they didn’t appear sexy enough in the casino’s new Roaring ’20s outfits. In a statement to the media, the casino defended its hiring and firing practices.

According to statistics from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, age discrimination is on the rise in recent years. In 2010, 23,264 claims of age discrimination were lodges with the federal agency, which is up from 15,785 in 1997. That’s a 47 percent increase. Nearly 25,000 claims were filed in 2008.

According to the EEOC, 99,922 claims of discrimination were filed in 2010 and age discrimination made up 23 percent of the claims. Retaliation, race, sex and disability claims were all more frequent.

Many older Americans have experienced age discrimination at work, whether they are being denied promotions or training opportunities because companies assume they are resistant to technology and change in the workplace. In similar situations to the one reported in Atlantic City, many older employees are being fired and replaced by younger employees who have less qualifications simply because they may be cheaper.

And this type of discrimination isn’t limited to private companies. Municipalities and publicly funded operations aren’t immune. It can be retaliation-based, but also just a lack of proper training and a continued system of unlawful thinking that can cause a company to treat employees unfairly.

With the economy so rocky, keeping a job is crucial. So some companies will discriminate against an employee, assuming that the person will be forced to endure the discrimination because finding a job is so tough right now. That is not right. While some people may just “suck it up” and take the discrimination, you should fight back. A successful discrimination lawsuit, while it may take time, can also help a person receive damages, back pay, future pay and other money to make up for the company’s mistakes.

But keep in mind that age discrimination can happen to consumers, too. Sometimes, high-end retail shops or clubs and restaurants will deny service to customers who are older and instead cater to younger clients. There are many areas where people can be discriminated against based on their age and none can be justified.

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