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Long Island Health Care Network Signs Deal With Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

A network of Long Island doctors recently signed a deal with the state’s largest insurer, Long Island Business News reports.

Such a deal highlights the need for a firm of lawyers who have knowledge of New York contract law. Such insurance deals are complex and usually have many terms, including rates, conditions and other factors that require a contract is properly handled.The Beacon Independent Physician Association, founded last year and has nearly 250 members, reached a three-year agreement with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. IPAs have been cropping up around Long Island and nationwide, allowing doctors to remain independent but give them big bargaining power in deals with insurers.

The IPA can lead to compensation based on efforts to improve care through electronic medical records, follow up and eliminating unnecessary testing, such as exams that are duplicated. The doctors share information with each other.

Contractual agreements require precision and extensive research and dedication to detail. Contracts are an essential element to doing business in New York. Without proper contracts, those written with a strict attention to detail, a business can fail.

In business, disputes often arise when one party doesn’t honor the terms of the agreement, which can bring up breach of contract actions. That’s when aggressive representation is necessary to protect your company’s rights. Many breach of contract allegations can be settled through negotiation, arbitration or mediation and our firm is dedicated to finding the best solution, which sometimes means avoiding an expensive lawsuit.

Contract disputes can often lead to financial ruin for the company if the issues aren’t properly handled. Competition is fierce and therefore resolving these problems as quickly, quietly and least expensive as possible is in the best interests of a company. And our firm is dedicated to doing what can most benefit our clients.

New York business litigation can be extensive and focus on many matters that affect the well-being of a company. Founders, executives and employees work hard to make sure the business grows and prospers and it can take only one lawsuit to ruin years of hard work. Our firm works to serve businesses that need legal help protecting them and those they serve.

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