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New York City Cyber Crime Defendants, Victims Require Legal Representation

Tens of billions of dollars are being spent each year by companies attempting to keep their customers’ information secret as well as the money being paid back to consumers whose identities and funds have been taken by cyber crime.

It has become a giant problem in this country and worldwide as thieves have taken to computer networks and mobile phone applications to steal money, rather than stealing purses and breaking into people’s homes. Identity theft in New York leaves victims in a wake or frustration and often leads to false charges when law enforcement officers or civil authorities come calling. Both require legal representation.According to the ABC News article, obvious spam e-mails aren’t the only way cyber thieves are striking. They are creating fake applications and making them look realistic, so when they are downloaded, the users have free rein inside your computer.

In some cases, obtaining a person’s phone number allows crooksters to place small charges on the user’s monthly bill. Most consumers likely won’t notice such a small charge or if they do, they may not think it worthwhile to notify customer service and put up the battle that it likely will require.

The article states that for people who have online “credits” in websites, hackers can go after those, too. If each “credit” is redeemable online for cash they have value to hackers. Stealing these credits can also seem trivial to users, but on a large scale, they can mean big bucks for hackers. And they can mean your online identity has been breached, which can result in serious consequences.

Spam is also still a big hit for hackers. Clicking on outrageous headlines that bring up videos or websites that seem fishy can give cyber thieves access to your computer, so they can search for personal information.

Facebook has also been targeted. When users “like” an application, it requires certain information be accessed, such as e-mail accounts, phone numbers, status updates and other information. When phony applications are created on Facebook, they can be used to store this information with the intent of stealing passwords or gaining more access to a person’s life.

While there’s no doubting that these crimes are happening on a daily basis, tracking down the real culprits can be very difficult. This can lead to false arrests and poor justice. While this is certainly a big problem, a bigger problem is if the wrong people are arrested. Proving who is behind these attacks, which are typically hidden with fake IP addresses, usernames and performed with untrackable networks, can be difficult.

This sometimes leads to police putting the wrong person in handcuffs and the victims getting no justice at all. Getting reimbursed for cyber crimes can take a long time, but consulting with an experienced lawyer can speed up the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

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