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New York Intellectual Property Law Applies to Federal Patent Ruling

A recent federal court ruling said that technology licensing company Rambus destroyed documents relevant to patent infringement trials with two technology companies, Bloomberg reports.

The intellectual property case involves Rambus, a chip designer that has been suing companies that refuse to license its technology. The court ruling affects several trials the company is involved in after allegations surfaced that officials destroyed potential evidence related to those trials.

New York intellectual property rights, which deal with inventions and copyrights, are an important part of business. That’s why a firm of experienced business law professionals is needed to protect your ideas, patents, trademarks and copyrights.According to the Bloomberg article, a five-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled that the company destroyed documents relevant to patent infringement trials with Micron Technology and Hynix Semiconductor. The panel sent the case back to a lower court to determine sanctions, though it didn’t dismiss the cases altogether. The article quotes a Rambus official, who said the company doesn’t believe there was bad faith or prejudice in its actions.

The Bloomberg article also discusses a dispute where Microsoft, Nokia, HTC and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and have challenged Apple’s ability to trademark “Appstore” and “App Store” in Europe. Apple accounts for more than three-quarters of revenue in the mobile device application industry, bringing in nearly $3 billion in 2011, researchers believe.

It’s evident from the article how important this area of Manhattan business law really is. When a company is able to trademark or copyright inventions or ideas, it gives them a distinct advantage. Often, these trademarks and copyrights held by companies can be challenged by other companies in an effort to even the playing field. This is especially important in New York City, the epicenter of the country’s business.

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