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Retired NYPD, NYFD Arrested in Federal Raid on NYC Gambling Ring

Two officers and three firefighters from New York face federal charges after a recent FBI raid of Staten Island gambling operations, The New York Post reports.

Criminal Defense Attorneys understand that good people sometimes make mistakes. And yet those mistakes can create a lifetime of lasting problems. Losing a job, ruining a person’s reputation or sullying one’s family name on top of the possible penalties in the criminal justice system can make life hard. That’s why if you are arrested and charged with a crime in New York, you should consult an experienced criminal defense firm that will stand by your side and fight for your rights.According to news reports, federal agents arrested 14 people and charged with with running high-stakes poker games tucked away in four locations on Staten Island. Gamblers were provided poker-night spreads of food, while armed “security” men were assigned to watch over the illicit operation and security cameras were used for outside surveillance.

A 15-year veteran of the NYPD was the alleged ringleader of the operation, which took in thousands in profits every week over several years. NYPD internal affairs offers worked undercover to help the feds make the arrests.

Both federal and state law can be daunting for a person being introduced to the criminal justice system. And sometimes people with a past criminal history are wrongly targeted by law enforcement and prosecutors.

That’s why criminal defense law firms are so crucial to our justice system. An aggressive defense acts as a checks and balance to the state and government, which has money and power to throw at a defendant, who stands alone. That’s why New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers stand by the side of our clients and do everything within the law to fight for their rights.

That can include filing motions to suppress evidence that is damaging to a defendant’s case. If law enforcement violates a person’s constitutional rights en route to seizing evidence or making a case against someone, sometimes persuasively arguing to a judge why this is wrong can convince the judge to keep that evidence out of the case and force prosecutors to drop charges.

Sometimes, the right defense attorney can use the evidence to score a sweetheart plea deal that reduces or eliminates jail or prison time or keeps such charges from appearing on a person’s criminal record.

These are just some of the many aspects of a case that will be vigorously explored and studied by our law firm. If officials such as police officers and firefighters can get caught up in alleged illegal operations, every day people are at equal risk. And that’s why everyone deserves their day in court and the best possible defense for their case.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in New York City, Great Neck or elsewhere in the Metro area, call today. If you are being investigated for a crime, do not speak with law enforcement before speaking with an attorney. Protect your rights.

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