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Steven Madden Buyout Deal

Steven Madden, the famed footwear and accessories company, recently announced a $30 million buyout of Cejon Accessories Inc., a group of design and marketing companies, The Associated Press reports.

New York Business Lawyers understand that buying or selling a business is complex and there are many factors involved in a multi-million dollar acquisition or merger.The all-cash deal includes Cejon Inc., Cejon Accessories Inc. and New East Designs LLC. The companies design scarves, wraps, winter accessories and other items. The Long Island City, NY-based Steve Madden runs 87 retail stores, including its three online stores.

The deal is subject to a working capital adjustment and some financial performance-based provisions through June 30, 2016. The deal is expected to add 7 to 9 cents to Steve Madden shares in the first year.

Able business attorneys will provide an initial analysis of a prospective purchase, prepare contracts and determine employer obligations. Many concerns may surface about employees and every party’s responsibilities. A trusted advocate will be proficient in federal, state and local laws that must be factored into a large-scale transaction. The New York Code is complex and requires a firm with decades of experience so that every issue is anticipated.

According to the New York State Division of Corporations, more than 1.8 million business entities are on file with the state. A corporate law firm should be counted on to handle contracts, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, tax issues, stock options and other areas that are complex.

There are no “standard” or “boilerplate” contracts used by business lawyers. Our attorneys spend as much time as necessary to study Individual cases, determine the terms of the contracts and represent the best interests of the client. We’re not just an attorney, but we become trusted members of your corporate management team.

Using an inexperienced firm during a business transaction can create a negative lasting effect on the business. It could be the difference between a successful and disastrous transaction.

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