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Study: New York City Employment Lawsuits Can Seem Daunting

Researchers at the University of Buffalo studying the fairness of New York City employment litigation discovered that plaintiffs often face an uphill battle.Our employment discrimination attorneys know that it can certainly feel intimidating to go up against a wealthy, well-established corporation with deep pockets. But what is important for you to note is that if you’re in the right, your chances of winning out are good.

What is key to that success, however, is a solid, experienced attorney who is familiar with employment law in New York and knows how to deftly guide you through a confusing and sometimes daunting process.

The University of Buffalo study, conducted by Sociologists Ellen Berrey and Steve Hoffman, indicates that while both sides of these disputes often question the fairness of the proceedings, employers tend to have more resources at their disposal. This is not really anything new, but it’s important to point out because you need to be educated about what you’re going up against.

We also know that there has been successful employment litigation against a number of corporate giants, so it truly is a matter of being thorough in your own research and choosing an employment litigation lawyer who knows the law.

The study is entitled, “Situated Justice: A Contextual Analysis of Fairness and Inequality in Employment Discrimination Litigation.” It was published in the Law and Society Review.

Hoffman and Berry essentially looked at a random national sample of employment civil rights cases. They also conducted 100 interviews with lawyers, defendants and plaintiffs who were somehow connected or involved in cases of employment discrimination lawsuits.

Interestingly, both defendants and plaintiffs view the process as patently unfair. Plaintiffs say they often start out brimming with optimism, and then tend to get discouraged due to the length of the litigation and the fact that the results aren’t always generated as quickly as they may prefer. Particularly when you’re taking on a larger corporation, any lawyer who tells you the process will be simple or without a few headaches is a lawyer of whom you should be wary.

However, that does not mean that your case is not worth taking to court. Each case has to be weighed and sifted based on the circumstances of the case. Rest assured, however, if we take on your New York discrimination case, you have a good shot at being successful.

Conversely, employers also viewed the process as skewed in favor of the plaintiffs in that they believed frivolous lawsuits that had no merit could be filed against the company at will by anyone – often disgruntled employees. They would be forced to shell out big money in legal fees to defend the case, regardless of the strength of the plaintiff’s case.

The unfortunate truth is that such cases can prove to be a thorn in a company’s side. However, most people aren’t going to go to the trouble of bringing forth an employment litigation lawsuit unless they’re legitimate, and our attorneys stand ready to honestly and fully answer any questions you might have.

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