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Tavern On The Green Trademark Battle Ends in New York City

The historic Tavern on the Green is no more, but its name lives on after a trademark settlement, The Wall Street Journal reported recently.

New York City will retain use of the name for restaurant services in the city, but its rights can be sold in other areas after a bankruptcy court settlement was reached. The famed Central Park restaurant closed in 2009 after the operators filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.Manhattan Intellectual Property Lawyers represent companies whose names, ideas, inventions and other copyright and trademark issues must be litigated. Trust 30 years of experience if you are considering a lawsuit or must defend yourself from someone else.

Buyers can now use the Tavern name and logo for restaurants outside of the area, which also includes a portion of Pennsylvania. While the buyer will be able to use the trademark, it must have distinguishing features and specify that the operation is not related to Tavern in New York City, the newspaper reports. The trademark has been used in New York City since 1937.

It’s unclear whether the Central Park building will ever reopen as a restaurant. Negotiations broke down last year between the person who won a license to operate Tavern in 2009 and the former workers’ union.

The building is now being used as a visitors center lined with gourmet food catering trucks, The Huffington Post says. The famous Crystal Room was demolished and replaced with a courtyard for the trucks.

New York business law can be complex, especially when bankruptcy and other issues are involved. It’s important that businesses be well represented when procuring contracts, especially when the success a company has spent years building is threatened.

A trademark can be any word, name, symbol used in commerce. They distinguish a company from others and tell consumers and the public what services or products the company provides. The purpose of U.S. trademark laws is to protect consumers from getting confused about where they are spending their money.

But the laws also protect businesses that sometimes fight about who can use a certain term or logo in the branding of a product. That’s when a firm can be the difference between the success and failure of a business.

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