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TriBeCa Restaurant Files Discrimination Suit Against New York City and State

The owner of Sazon, a popular Puerto Rican eatery in TriBeCa, has filed a $50 million discrimination lawsuit against city and state officials, alleging that recent complaints against the business are racially based, The New York Post reports.

New York Lawyers represent not only consumers, but also businesses that feel they have faced discrimination that threatens their well-being. It is crucial that governmental agencies be held accountable when their agents unlawfully discriminate against businesses. Our New York labor law attorneys are well-equipped to ensure businesses are treated fairly.Saxon, the restaurant, filed a lawsuit recently, claiming that Community Board 1 curtailed his hours of operation and banned live music or a disc jockey after learning he planned on playing Latino music, saying he wouldn’t get a liquor license if he didn’t agree to the board’s terms, the article states.

The federal lawsuit also states he was fined $5,000 after a board member sent the New York State Liquor Authority after him and caught people dancing and being served drinks in a downstairs lounge. Despite the success of similarly themed East Side restaurant Sofrito, the lawsuit states neighbors of Sazon have lodged complaints and subjected patrons to ugly racial remarks.

According to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, of the 99,922 discrimination complaints in 2010, 11,304 were based on national origin. That made up about 11 percent of the total number of complaints.

In this competitive market, it is absolutely crucial that business owners protect their investments and livelihoods as best they can. In New York, that sometimes means filing lawsuits against other businesses, sometimes for copyright infringement, and sometimes the government for abuses in licensing. When discrimination is involved, so should Great Neck Business Lawyers.

But while businesses sometimes feel they are subjected to discrimination, individual workers or consumers file the most discrimination lawsuits in New York. In one recent case, two men have sued the Apple Store in New York City, claiming they were discriminated against based on their race, according to The Huffington Post.

According to the article, the two black men alleged they were forced to leave the store in December 2010 because of their race. The lawsuit states the men entered the store to buy headphones and were wearing baggy jeans and sweaters with hoods when a white Apple employee in his 50s, standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 225 pounds allegedly approached them.

According to the lawsuit, the man said “You know the deal. You know the deal” and told them they had to leave unless they planned on shopping. The man told them he didn’t want “your kind” hanging out in the store.

These types of occurrences are disturbing and must be fought in court. While many people are initially shocked and hurt by such actions, it is important to quickly seek an experienced law firm that handles these types of cases. The more time that goes by can hurt your case because witnesses will move or forget what happened and it’s possible that the statute of limitations could cost you an opportunity to seek justice. Don’t hesitate; act today.

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